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Kanosuke Single Malt Second Edition 2021

What you need to know:

  • Kanosuke announces their Second Edition, hot off the heels of signing a deal with Diageo to provide the Japanese distillery with sufficient resources for expansion.
  • The Second Edition is matured in mainly Recharred Bourbon barrels for 3 years before bottling at cask strength of 57%.
  • Tasting notes includes notes of citrus, green apple, vanilla, lemon tea, honey, grapefruit, and an elegant sweetness and soft bitterness.
  • Kanosuke believes that the cool climate and sea breeze where the distillery is located will play a part in the whisky's flavors.
  • This is priced at 13,750 Yen (or 125 USD) and will go on sale in Japan from 12 November 2021.


(Image Source: Kanosuke Distillery)

Wasn't it just last week that Kanosuke signed a deal with Diageo for the spirits giant to take a minority stake in the Japanese distillery? They're really stepping it up.

Hot off the heels of their recent "funding secured" announcement and their completely sold out First Edition, Kanosuke is back with their Second Edition. 

Read more about the distillery here, and the First Edition here.


Kanosuke Single Malt Second Edition 2021

The Second Edition will see Kanosuke utilise recharred bourbon barrels to mature non-peated malt. 


Kanosuke's unique pot stills are each differently shaped to allow the distillery to produce a wider variety of whisky styles. (Image Source: Kanosuke)

These were then vatted upon maturity and bottled at cask strength.

Again, the distillery highlights their ambient climate as a key distinguishing factor to defining the final character of the whisky. They expect the sea breeze blowing through the distillery's aging warehouses and the cool climate to contribute to the elegant sweetness and bitterness of the whisky.


Kanosuke Distillery is situated along one of Japan's longest white sand beach, a place known as Fukiagehama, where strong, cool sea breezes blow across the distillery. (Image Source: Kanosuke)


Official Tasting Notes


Yellow Amber


Citrus, Green Apple, Vanilla, Lemon Tea


Honey, Nikki, Grapefruit


Elegant Sweetness and Soft Bitterness




The official retail price is 13,750 Yen (or 125 USD) and will go on sale across Japan from 12 November 2021.

Happy hunting and kanpai!