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Lagavulin, 8 Years Old, 200th anniversary, 46% abv.

Lagavulin 8, 200th anniversary, 46% abv.

To celebrate their 200th anniversary, Lagavulin released a special 8 year scotch based on an event that happened over 100 years ago. Back in the 1880's, Alfred Barnard, a famous Victorian whisky writer, basically went distillery hopping and ended up sampling an 8 year old on his visit to Lagavulin. After tasting it, he wrote the 8 year old was “exceptionally fine.” Suposedly it was that moment when Lagavulin stepped into the spotlight and became a highly desired scotch. The 200th anniversary bottling is a re-creation of that infamous scotch.

Nose: smoked wood, hint of green grapes when nose is distant. Reminds me of a log cabin in Lake Tahoe. With time, the smoked wood aromas disappear and a combination of polished wood and green grapes comes out. After a few sips its all floral and green grape skins.

Palate: initial honey flow, a hint of sour apples, mostly wet sour wood, peaty, feels like biting on a lemon that could only last 2 seconds. The relatively fruity aspects dissipate quickly leaving a wood and peaty flavor. A few drops of water just empgasizes the wood-like aspects. The wood is not oak, not pine, not redwood, not the major firs... more like an intense balsa... if there is such a thing.

Finish: short to moderate, a little spicey, peaty. Finish gets shorter with time.

Dry glass: very light hints of that waxy aroma from grape skins.

It's an obvious islay mafia malt. Smokey, peaty, wood, with a nose that is slightly more fruit than smoked wood. It's Lagavulin, but also not Lagavulin. Pretty enjoyable, but I think I prefer the 12 and 16 year more. Had this at @woo_company.

Grade: C+


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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