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SMWS 38.23. Kissing a pear. | Liquid Tension Experiment 2

Liquid Tension Experiment 2 was released today 15th June in 1999. LTE is an American instrumental progressive metal supergroup, founded by Mike Portnoy, then Dream Theater's drummer, in 1997.

SMWS 38.23. Kissing a pear. A lavender bush delicately embraced papaya and pears poached in syrup and rhubarb crumble, lychees and peach sorbet on a creamy texture. It's actually a 26yo Caperdonich distilled in 1993, matured in a refill ex-bourbon barrel and bottled at 51.4% abv 🥃🥃

Portnoy first invited keyboardist Jordan Rudess and progressive rock icon Tony Levin of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel's band to join him. Portnoy said that his first choice for the guitar was Dimebag Darrell, but he was unable to join because of conflicting schedules. Two other primary choices, Steve Morse and Jim Matheos were also unavailable. Portnoy then turned to fellow Dream Theater member John Petrucci to fill the position. Rudess was asked to join Dream Theater largely because of the success of Liquid Tension Experiment, and the chemistry of the three working together.

For those eagle eye readers who made it thus far would have spotted I posted the same album a while ago, and coincidentally matched it with the same whisky!


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