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SMWS 70.41 Orchard Beehives. | Def Leppard's Diamond Star Halos

Def Leppard's Diamond Star Halos 💎⭐😇 is their 12 studio album released last month. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the album was recorded in several different countries: Joe Elliot in Ireland, Rick Savage in England, and the remaining members in the US (Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell, Rick Allen).  

SMWS 70.41 . Orchard Beehives. A 29yo Balblair distilled on 25th Jul 1990, matured in refill ex-bourbon hogshead, bottled at 49.5% abv. Sláinte 🥃.

Although the earlier Def Leppard albums remains their best, one can't expect the same type of music 45 years down the track. The band is at a totally different age and mindset, and so am I, so this album is pretty awesome.

"If you're a Def Leppard fan, I would imagine there's always a need to listen to some new music, because as much as it's great to have this massive back catalog of music, new music is what keeps a band alive, so we wanna share that with our fans." - Joe Elliot.


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