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Bowmore 1988, 47.8% | Twisted Sister You Can't Stop Rock N Roll

Twisted Sister - You Can't Stop Rock N Roll. This is their 2nd studio.album released this day 27th June in 1983. More refined than their debut album, it is still quinessential TS, full of edgy, rebellious, and defiant rock songs.

Bowmore 1988. Matured in 1st-fill ex-bourbon casks and bottled in 2017 at 47.8% abv. Sláinte 🥃

“You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll is my favorite. Of course, I wrote all of them so I love them all, but it was the most enjoyable recording experience. We were in there working with Stuart Epps, the band was in a great studio environment, we were never closer as a band, it was just an amazing experience, amazing recording. A very positive experience." - Dee Snider (Goldmine, 2011).

The title of this album is even more poignant with the coronavirus wreaking havoc on the livelihood of musicians. In a recent interview with Inlander, Dee Snider sums it up:

"You can’t stop rock ‘n’ roll — I’ve said it, and it’s true, whether it be in basements, garages or bedrooms. It’ll never die. But this is a very brutal blow right now. I hope we come out of it into some semblance of dignity and inspiration because we need young minds, fresh ideas.”


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