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SMWS 3.139. Treacle and Iodine. | Great White's Twice Shy

Great White's Twice Shy, their 4th studio album released in1989, and perhaps their best album IMHO. I can still remember buying the CD when it came out during a quick roadtrip stop at a music store on the main street of small town Stratford, NZ.

SMWS 3.139. Treacle and Iodine. A Bowmore 10yo distilled in Feb 98 and bottled in Apr 08 at 56.5% abv 🥃🥃

Their cover of Ian Hunter's Once Bitten Twice Shy landed them their biggest hit. Their manager came to them with this song.

"Way before we ever decided to cover the song, he (Ian Hunter) actually rode on our tour bus with us to one of our shows and was just hanging out. I believe it was around 1979 in New York. Then we ran into him again in 1984. We were touring with Judas Priest, and we needed a drum riser. Our sound guy knew Ian and said that he had a drum riser at his house. So, we went over and picked it up. What’s funny is that neither of these meetings had anything to do with us covering that song." - Mark Kendall (Ultimate Classic Rock).

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