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Lagavulin, The Lion's Fire, 12 Year Old, 56.5% | White Lion's Pride

White Lion's Pride is their 2nd studio album released this day 21st June in 1987. This is really one of my fav rock bands of the 80s, and Vito Bratta rates as one of the top guitar players for me, with his signature melodic playing. Needless to say, pretty gutted when he exited the music scene 🥺

Lagavulin. The Lion's Fire 🦁🔥. A 12yo Special Release 2021 from exclusively refilled casks and bottled at natural cask strength with an abv of 56.5%. A fitting dram for this album. Sláinte 🥃🥃

"To me, Pride represents the coming together of White Lion. It’s the band at its core and the purity of the band. It’s the only album where we are the “true” White Lion.
Back in 1986, shortly after the Fight To Survive album, we recorded a version of Pride over in Germany. But after coming back to America and giving it a listen, we weren’t satisfied. So Vito and I started re-writing and went to LA to record it again." - Mike Tramp (Guitar World).


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