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This is a whisky named after the powerful playing style of two female professional golfers under the Mars brand contract, Sayuri Takashima and Rino Kotake, and Scotland, which is said to be the birthplace of golf.

It seems to be a blended malt whisky made by blending “malt distilled in Scotland” and ” malt distilled in Mars Shinshu distillery”.


The Bottle

A female professional golfer under the Mars brand contract. SAYURI TAKASHIMA is a professional golfer with a dynamic swing that makes the most of her tall stature and excellent distance, and RINO KOTAKE is a professional golfer with a small stature but powerful and sharp shots and a solid playing style.

This is a worldwide blended malt whisky based on the images of these two women, fusing Scotch malt distilled in Scotland, which is said to be the birthplace of golf, and Japanese malt produced by the Mars Shinshu distillery.

[A word from the blender] I blended this whisky with an image of the suppleness and strength of an athlete, and sweet aromas of dried fruits and honey. I hope that the lingering peaty aroma will remind you of the heart of a professional.

*This product uses some imported raw sake.



Aroma Vanilla, caramel, esters, peat
Taste Salty and elegantly sweet. Mellow texture
Aftertaste Short and fades quickly, little peatiness



liquor category Blended malt whisky
Ingredients Malt
Cask Type
Number of Bottles
Number of Degrees 43% alcohol
Price Suggested retail price: 5,500 yen (tax included)
Place of manufacture Mars Shinshu Distillery
Manufacturer Honbo Shuzo Co.



Our Take

A firm and powerful maltiness with an elegant sweetness and a hint of peatiness. The finish is mellow and short. Although the specific barrels used for maturation and the age of the original alcohol are not disclosed, this whisky shows the high level of Mars’ blending ability.

This is an unusual lineup in terms of the Mars lineup to date, but don’t underestimate it, the taste is real. It can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks, and its powerful flavor lasts for a long time. This is a whiskey that you should definitely try at least once.


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