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Saburomaru Distillery Limited Blended Malt Whisky

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The distillery’s limited edition blended malt whisky Batch.1 has been on sale at the Saburomaru distillery’s directly managed store “Reiwagura” since August 5 (Fri.), 2022. It is sold exclusively at the storefront of Reiwa gura. Each customer can purchase up to two 500ml bottles.

The Bottle
This blended malt whisky is a blend of the original malt whisky from the Sabromaru distillery and the original malt whisky from overseas. It has the smokiness that is characteristic of the Sabromaru distillery and the grain sweetness that is unique to malt, and is well harmonized with the overseas malt.
Aroma Herbal, milk, peaty
Taste Peachy sweet and sour, gentle peat
Aftertaste Mild peat followed by just the right amount of bitterness



Alcohol content 46% (with a slight alcohol content of 46%)
alcohol category Blended Malt Whisky
Cask type Cask type
Volume 500ml
Number of bottles sold No. of bottles
Suggested retail price 3,850 yen (including tax)
Release date August 5, 2022


Our Take

Most of the blended whiskies released by the Saburomaru distillery have been blends of the Saburomaru distillery’s malt whisky and foreign-produced grain whisky.

This time, the blended malt whisky is a blend of the Saburomaru distillery’s malt whisky and malt whisky from overseas. Although it is limited to the distillery, it seems that each person can purchase up to two bottles. The capacity is slightly smaller at 500 ml, but more people may purchase it.

Since this is Batch.1, when Batch.2 or Batch3 is released in the future, it will probably be blended with more carefully selected malt whisky. It will be interesting to see how the flavor changes in the future.

A single cask distilled in the cast pod still “ZEMON” was released on August 28 at the “Hokuriku Coca-Cola Summer Festival” and became a hot topic.

Furthermore, a single malt whisky is scheduled to be released within this year. Now the time has finally come.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of flavor it will have.


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