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The Punch Room Bar Opens At The Singapore Edition: February 2024


Edition Hotels, renowned for its innovative and sophisticated hospitality, has announced the opening of the Punch Room at The Singapore Edition, marking the first foray of its signature bar concept into Southeast Asia. The Singapore Edition is situated just off the west end of Singapore's iconic Orchard Road, and sits as a testament to the vision of its founder Ian Schrager, the American hotelier and real estate mogul known for pioneering the boutique hotel concept.

The Punch Room, a concept that first garnered acclaim at The London Edition in 2013, has since been a hallmark of the Edition Hotels experience, with locations in cities such as Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Tampa, Shanghai, and Tokyo. This latest addition in Singapore continues the tradition of offering a unique blend of hospitality, history, and innovative cocktail crafting.



But first, have you ever heard of punch? We're talking about the classic drink that's been around since the 17th century. It's a mix of spirits, spices, citrus, teas, and sugar that was popular with sailors of the British East India Company for protecting them from scurvy. In fact the word "punch" is speculated to be derived from the Hindi word for "five" - a reference to the five main ingredients to make a punch cocktail. By the 18th century, punch travelled back to Europe and became elevated and associated with aristocratic gatherings and colonial celebrations.

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of punch,  Punch Room Singapore pays homage to the spirit of adventure and the cultural exchange of spices, teas, and spirits. Guests are invited to explore the flavors of Southeast Asia through a menu that tells the story of Asian trade routes in the 17th century. Gates Otsuji, the Global Director of Bars for Edition Hotels, emphasizes the focus on regional spices and flavours, offering guests an immersive journey into the history and evolution of punch.



Guests are welcomed with a complimentary Welcome Punch, setting the stage for an evening of exploration. The bar's ambiance is intimate and polished, with each punch created to order and served in an antique silver punchbowl, a nod to the grandeur of the 17th century. These bowls, sourced from L&P Silversmiths in London, are available in three sizes and come with an ornate ladle, highlighting the personalized and communal nature of punch service.



The menu features a range of punches, from traditional classics to modern interpretations, including the signature Tempest Punch, Cornerstone Punch, Kusu Island Punch, and Merlion Punch. Alongside the punches, Punch Room Singapore offers a curated selection of savoury and sweet treats, from light snacks to substantial indulgences. 



Opening hours are from 5.00 PM until midnight on Tuesdays to Thursdays, and until 2.00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Additionally, an Afternoon Tea experience is available on Friday and Saturday afternoons, featuring a selection of both savoury and sweet delights.

So, why not make a night of it and see what all the fuss is about? Grab your friends or partner and make those reservations!


88 Bamboo Editorial Team