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Enmore EHP 1977, 32 Year Old, Guyana, Silver Seal

I had the absolute pleasure of tasting this beautiful 32 year old Enmore EHP 1977 by Silver Seal again at The Auld Alliance, and it still remains as one of the best demerara rums I’ve tasted.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

On the nose its like savoury meats lathered with oyster sauce, honey, and a side of braised mushrooms. The long aging is definitely there with those rancio and musty notes. But as it breathes, the Enmore opens up to reveal a more delicate side with butterscotch and vanilla, some tropical fruits of mangoes and peaches, and some dry tobacco.

The palate just as pleasant as the nose, amplifying those savoury notes of braised pork and mushrooms stewed in dark sauce, olives in brine, a tad woody but pleasant. The finish is remarkable as those dark fruits make an appearance, dried prunes, raisins, and interestingly a sprig of thyme.

Essentially this is a demerara that cannot be missed by the rum geeks, not only because its darn good liquid, but also that it is a landmark demerara being perhaps the oldest true EHP bottling, distilled wholly from the last remaining wooden coffey still in the world.

Your occasional rum addict!