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William Grant Unveils High Age Wildmoor Blended Scotch



You may know William Grant & Sons as the company behind Glenfiddich, and The Balvenie. They have shaken things up with a brand-new premium blended Scotch brand called Wildmoor. We're not talking your everyday blended Scotch here. Wildmoor is a love letter to the vast and varied landscapes of Scotland, a sippable journey made possible by William Grant & Sons' impressive six-decade-long project of curating rare, high-aged whiskies.

Wildmoor has been decades in the making. Turns out, William Grant & Sons have been squirreling away some special casks over the past sixty years – rare, high-aged whiskies from across Scotland. Now, this treasure trove of flavours is being unleashed in a collection of 7 whisky expressions. The collection pays pays homage to Scotland’s diverse terrain, each with an "intense flavour profile" and would, according to the brand provide a "flavour map of Scotland in a glass." We're talking whiskies free of the constraints of a single distillery or style.

The range begins with the Dark Moorland 23 Year Old, a vibrant mix of Highland, Speyside malts and Lowland grain whisky, then aged in American and European oak, then finished in oloroso Sherry casks. The 30-year-old Rugged Coast expression is inspired by the wild west coast of Scotland, and also sees oloroso Sherry casks. This sees a whisper of peat smoke and stone fruits. The oldest expression is the Black Mountain 40 Year Old which uses rare grain and Highland malts and even a bit of spirit from elusive "ghost" distilleries. This was finished in PX Sherry casks.

Brian Kinsman, the Master Blender, even suggests adding garnishes to the whiskies. A bit of lavender and thyme for the 23-year-old, wood chips for the 30-year-old, and a twist of sugared orange for the 40-year-old. 



For jet-setters, the Wildmoor collection would be making a splashy entrance into the global travel retail scene. It is due for a high-profile launch at Singapore's Changi Airport this month, where Lotte Duty Free is rolling out the red carpet. The two travel exclusives are the Waking Forest 23 Year Old with its virgin and sherry oak influence, and the Tropical Coast 30 Year Old, a sunshine-filled sipper finished in a Caribbean rum cask.



From May onward, Wildmoor will grace London Heathrow with Avolta and touch down in key locations across Asia Pacific in Thailand, Mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea. It's clear that this brand is going places. Whether you're a seasoned whisky lover or just starting your journey, you may want to keep an eye out for Wildmoor.

With access to the family’s private vaults of prized liquids, I was able to explore intense flavours. I delved deeper into my personal memories of these wild places, and what was initially a single whisky has become a series of extremely old and prestigious blended malts and blended whiskies, each one a multi-sensory tribute to Scotland’s vast terrain.
– Master Blender Brian Kinsman, who oversees Wildmoor, Glenfiddich and The Balvenie.


88 Bamboo Editorial Team