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Tiffany's New York Bar Unveils Mars Tsunuki Yakushima Single Cask For 2024



If there's a haven for whisky enthusiasts in Hong Kong, it has to be Tiffany's New York Bar. This institution in the InterContinental Grand Stanford within the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui district, is a place where cocktails flow, spirits shine, and service is top-notch (thanks to the ever-brilliant Mr Lars Ruecker). 

Japanese whisky lovers should listen up because Tiffany's is releasing yet another limited-edition Mars whisky. This marks the third and final bottle in Tiffany's coveted series featuring Mars single cask whiskies with iconic illustrations of cats. These are a product of a collaboration between Tiffany's Bar and distributor AF Trade to offer these exclusive Japanese single cask bottlings.

The debut Mars bottling was a Komagatake from the Shinshu Distillery in Nagano. The second, is a delight from Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima, was equally stunning and drew rave reviews.


Mars' Kagoshima-based Tsunuki Distillery has picked up fans for its hefty, fruit-forward whiskies. (Image Source: Tokyo Weekender)


This year, in time for the Hong Kong Whisky Festival 2024, Tiffany's is tempting tastebuds with yet another Tsunuki expression. This one's peated to 50ppm, matured for six years in a single sherry hogshead (cask number #2094), and bottled at a punchy 58% ABV. It's also a limited outturn of 252 bottles.

Another interesting detail is that this expression – like other YA expressions from Mars – has also been specially aged in the subtropical Yakushima Island off the Japanese mainland. This unique maturation regime intensifies maturation of the whisky and is said to increase the boldness of the spirit, impart notes of tropical fruits like banana or mango and also impart some subtle maritime influences like brine or even a hint of seaweed to the whisky.


A Guide to the Otherworldly Island of Yakushima - The New York Times

Yakushima is a world heritage site near Kagoshima with a humid subtropical climate. (Image Source: New York Times)


As with Tiffany's previous bottlings, this one features a whimsical label – this time, a jazzy female singer takes center stage with some feline companions enjoying the show.



Want to snag one? The early bird price comes at HK$2,480 if you purchase before the end of May, otherwise, the regular price is HK$2,780.

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