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Single Malt Kanosuke 2022 Limited Edition To Be Released in June 2022

(Image Source: Kanosuke)


Kanosuke Distillery has announced that they will be releasing their third single malt Japanese whisky, "Single Malt Kanosuke 2022 Limited Edition" on 15th June, 2022.

It will feature Sherry cask aged whisky as the emphasis of this expression.


"Please enjoy the lingering taste like the setting sun slowly setting in the East China Sea"


The packaging features a lovely sunset on the side of the box, with labels donned in the hues of setting sun.


Official Tasting Notes


Reddish Amber


Lemon Tea, Honey, Plum, Cinnamon


Dried Berry Fruit, Coffee Candy, Wood


Spicy and bitter sweetness continues


It is bottled at 59% ABV. Stay tuned for more!