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Mijenta Goes Cristalino


The ever popular Mijenta Tequila is joining in on the rising trend of Cristalino tequila expressions.

Cristalino is Tequila that involves an added step of using activated-charcoal filtration to remove not just the color of aged spirit, but also helps to mellow and lighten out the "woodiness" that comes with aging - leaving an agave spirit that is cleaner, smoother, fruitier and more floral with less oaky influence; it's all the benefits of aging in wooden barrels with none of the drawbacks, or so is claimed.

But wait - count on Mijenta to do things differently. Not only will the brand remain additive-free as is the case for all its tequilas, but the tequila will be further aged for eight months in Symphony barrels. What's that you ask - it's a custom built barrels made with an assortment of American Oak staves sourced from various US states including Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

More importantly though, how does it taste? Mijenta's tasting notes includes aromas of maple, caramel, coffee and coconut, with notes of sweet and silky vanilla and chocolate on the palate.

The new expression is bottled at 40% ABV, and will be available in the US at US$124 per bottle.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team