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Macallan's New Home Collection Pays Tribute To The Scotch Distillery's Origins

(Image Source: Macallan)


The Macallan's new Home Collection celebrates the famous Scotch distillery's origins - the first of which pays tribute to the Distillery itself, titled "The Home Collection: The Distillery"


“I started off by sketching some scenes from around the  Distillery. I chose the image of the main entrance as the composition looked nice and it shows the biggest of the domes to good effect, as does the image of the glass frontage.

To show a scene from the inside, I focused on one of The Macallan's Curiously Small  Copper Stills. The copper looked great and I was also able to capture some of the timber ceilings. I had not done watercolour work for quite some time, so I was excited to be given the opportunity to use them again”.

- Colin Rizza, Macallan Staff and Artist 


Macallan Staff and Artist, Colin Rizza, whose watercolor painting adorns the new expression. (Image Source: Macallan)


A set of three watercolor prints will be sold together with the new expression for online boutique purchases. (Image Source: Macallan)


Taking inspiration from The Macallan's 485-acre Estate, Macallan staff and artist Colin Rizza had sought to render the distillery's beauty in watercolor. Macallan tells us that Colin and his family have deep ties with the distillery, with the artist himself and his children and grandchildren having work at the distillery over the past three decades. His watercolor work of distillery is featured on both the new expression's label and packaging.


(Image Source: Macallan)


"The delicate, complex nose, sweet spice and gently mellowing palate and rich, medium finish are waiting to welcome you into our home in the heart of Speyside, Scotland."


The expression was created using specially selected European and American oak casks and refill casks.


(Image Source: Macallan)


Official Tasting Notes


Deep Gold


Butterscotch, figs, dates, almond, polished oak, milk chocolate and a gentle floral note


Butterscotch, oak spice, then ginger and vanilla


Medium finish with ginger and oak




(Image Source: Macallan)


For the first release of the new Home Collection: The Distillery, the single malt Scotch will be available for purchase on Macallan's online store from 6 September 2022 onwards, and will be sold together with a set of three watercolor prints by the artist, Colin Rizza, exclusive only to the online purchase. Thereafter the expression will be made available at the distillery itself and at Macallan Airport Boutiques.

This will be an annual series of single malt whiskies from the Speyside Scotch distillery.