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Macallan Harmony Collection Extends With Fine Cacao For Global Travel Retail

What you need to know:

  • Macallan is extending its annual limited release Harmony Collection to a Global Travel Retail (GTR) version it seems - the same theme, but two different ABVs.

  • The first edition of the Harmony Collection, which aims to showcase Macallan's sustainability efforts in incorporating green packaging, the "Rich Cacao" at 44% ABV will see a lower proof GTR version named "Fine Cacao" at 40% ABV.

  • This will be made available at all Macallan Airport boutiques and also the Singapore Changi Airport Lotte Duty Free shops from May 2022, before a broader global release for GTR in June 2022.

  • Kudos to Macallan for creating a GTR extension of The Harmony Collection, which unsurprisingly had a mad rush to get hands on them. This allows some division between collectors and drinkers and let's more people have a shot at trying the expression, even if at lower proof.

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(Image Source: Macallan, Food Network)


The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao is a delightful expression which brings together the worlds of whisky and chocolate."

Polly Logan, Macallan Whiskymaker


Macallan's hot-off-the-shelf Harmony Collection looks to be extending its run with a variation of the inaugural "Rich Cacao" edition - "Fine Cacao".

Macallan says that the "Fine Cacao" single malt whisky is "characterised by a milk chocolate profile, which pairs in perfect harmony with the finest chocolates for a rich tasting experience."


 Drafting the Fine Cacao's tasting notes. (Image Source: Macallan)


This will be part of the first Global Travel Retail edition that will be a new limited annual release series as Macallan tells us, which seeks to demonstrate Macallan's sustainability journey and use of natural materials made with 100% recyclable products and using 100% green energy.

As with the first "Rich Cacao" edition, this was the result of Macallan's ongoing partnership with the Roca brothers, of the globally recognised El Celler de can Roca, one of the world's best restaurants, in an effort to intertwine the world's of chocolate and whisky.


 At Jordi Roca's chocolate factory in Girona. (Image Source: Macallan)


To produce the "Fine Cacao", Macallan's whiskymaker Polly Logan visited Jordi Roca's famous chocolate factory in Girona, Spain, to create an ideal whisky and chocolate pairing.

While it appears to be an extension of the first "Rich Cacao" edition, the "Fine Cacao" does sport some taste difference.


The Fine Cacao. (Image Source: Macallan)


Official Tasting Notes


Toasted cacao beans


Chocolate, butter toffee, oak, pear


Chocolate covered raisins, ginger warmth, fig, marzipan


Medium, with chocolate




The Harmony Collection

The Macallan Harmony Collection, which will focus on the brand’s progress towards sustainable packaging through innovation in techniques and use of natural materials. This will be an annual limited release series, which most recently saw its second annual release with the "Intense Arabica" edition.


The Macallan's drive towards sustainability. (Image Source: Macallan)


For a full breakdown of how sustainability is incorporated into this packaging, Macallan gives us a detailed look:


Front and Back Label
  • 15% organic cacao shell, 40% post-consumer waste, 45% FSC virgin fibre
Shoulder Label
  • 100% virgin fibre - FSC certified

Outer Box Wrap

  • 15% organic cacao shell, 1% Miscantheses (to provide texture), 40% post-consumer waste, 44% virgin fibre

Box Ribbon

  • The ribbon is made from 81% virgin wood pulp (necessary for strength/durability), 12.5% ink, 6% bonding agents, the wood pulp is FSC certified and is virgin material


This extension means more people will get to try the Cacao edition of the Harmony Collection, which is a good call on Macallan's part. (Image Source: Macallan)


Release Information

This will be made available at all Macallan Airport boutiques and also the Singapore Changi Airport Lotte Duty Free shops from May 2022, before a broader global release for GTR in June 2022.

Our Take

Well, first off, I think Macallan has done a great job to release an extension to the original Harmony Collection line-up. The inaugural Rich Cacao faced an unsurprising mad rush which meant most people probably couldn't get their hands on it and few people probably have a room full of these stacked up. Prices quickly inflated and many of which saw the handling warehouses of auctions.

So a second launch is truly respectable and while of course, we're not naive to think Macallan isn't making a nice buck (frankly they could raise RRP two-fold and all of it would still be swept up, but they did not), it does mean more fans get to try it and it is ultimately a recognition of the whiskymaker's push towards sustainability, which is a good thing.

This kind of reminds me of what Ardbeg does with its Ardbeg day releases, with one higher proof Committee Release and a subsequent lower proof global release. This allows the collectors to step to one side and the mass market to step to the other. In fact, in similar fashion, the Rich Cacao sports a 44% ABV, while the Fine Cacao sports a 40% ABV.

While I didn't get to try the Rich Cacao, and I would be surprised to hear how many people actually have had the courage to open it (once you see it go up 3x in price, it gets that much more painful to open it), I am very keen on trying the Fine Cacao.

And maybe we'll see a Fine Arabica down the road? We certainly hope so.


Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Cop