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Kanosuke Distiller's Choice 2022 #17011 Sherry Butt Hong Kong Special Edition bottled for AF Trade



Hong Kong spirits distributor, AF Trade, which focuses on Japanese whiskies, have secured the bag for a single cask Asia bottling from Kanosuke Distillery.

The Hong Kong Special Edition single malt labelled "Kanosuke Distiller's Choice 2022 #17011" comes from a Sherry butt features an anime label inspired by Hong Kong's iconic neon street signboards that is familiar to anyone who's been to Hong Kong's streets in the night.

The single cask Sherry puncheon was specially selected by Master Distiller and distillery founder, Yoshitsugu Komasa.

According to AF Trade, the spirit will sport a "beautiful garnet color, the sweet aged tasted characteristic of Kanosuke Distillery, and the milk chocolate flavor from good Sherry".

Pre-sales will begin in May 2022, with AF Trade.


Image courtesy of AF Trade.