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F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Teases Almave Non-Alcoholic Agave Spirit Ahead Of Mexican GP


F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has teased the launch of an all new first time ever Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit.

And he's in good company.


Working with Master Distiller Ivan Saldana and Mexican spirits innovator Casa Lumbre - the folks behind hits like Abasolo Ancestral Corn Whisky (which we loved and reviewed here!), Contraluz Mezcal and Montelobos Mezcal - Hamilton is bringing a first.



The idea here is to create an alcohol-free alternative that packs all the same flavours of tequila, and hence the team has focused on the use of Blue Agave from Jalisco, as it is in tequila. The brand has mentioned that the raw materials remain the same but fundamentally where Almave differs is in its skipping of the fermentation process which produces alcohol.


"I'm excited to introduce people to Almave – it's a project I've been working on for a long time with Casa Lumbre...

There's a huge appetite for quality alternatives for those times when people don't want to drink alcohol but also don't want to compromise on flavour, which is why it was important that our product includes agave to reflect the taste of conventional tequila.

I think it tastes amazing and what we have created is unlike anything else on the market, so I can't wait to see what you all think."

says Hamilton.



Almave will debut two expressions - a for sipping Almave Ámbar Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit, and a mixer Almave Blanco Distilled Non-Alcoholic Blue Agave Spirit. Additionally, the non-alcoholic Agave spirits are designed to be lower calorie, with only 20 calories per 60ml serving.

The sipping Almave Ambar offers notes of roasted blue agave, sweet caramel and toasted wood, while the Almave Blanco is said to offer "the purest expression of blue agave, with balanced sweetness and acidity perfect for mixing in a margarita, or your favorite tequila cocktail".

Almave launches for sale on 26 October 2023, with a full rollout across retailers in 2024. The sipping Almave Ambar retails at US$39.99, whole the Almave Blanco mixer retails at US$35.99.




88 Bamboo Team