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Compass Box Founder And Hero Of Blended Scotch, John Glaser Steps Down


Compass Box, the shining beacon for blended Scotch whiskies, will see their founder John Glaser depart the company. Glaser who had previously helmed famed blended Scotch brand Johnnie Walker's marketing team, had set out to create an independent blender of his own - Compass Box.

Established in 2000, Compass Box has been a standout in a category that has more recently taken a backseat to the rise of the single malt - with more fans going for expressions offering a distinctive and singular profile that is reflective of the distillery, as opposed to blends that prioritise layering of flavours and harmony of expression.

Nevertheless Compass Box has been an outlier for its catchy expressions that often sport intricate and luxurious designs, with components that typically include well-aged malt and grain whiskies.



"After an extraordinary 23-year journey, I’ve made the decision to step away from Compass Box,... The decision wasn’t an easy one, but I firmly believe that now is the right time to pass on the reins to the new management and embark on fresh endeavours in my career.

“As I embark on this new chapter, please know that my love for the Compass Box brand goes beyond reason. I will continue to champion and support Compass Box as a devoted fan, advocate, and shareholder. I am confident that the brand will continue to flourish and evolve.” says Glaser.


In 2022, the independent blender had sold a majority stake to private equity firm Caelum Capital, and now in 2024, have announced that its founder Glaser, will leave the company whilst continuing to be a shareholder. The company has been co-run by ex-Bacardi executive Maurice Doyle since 2022.




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