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Casamigos Goes Casamigas With New Cindy Crawford Led Jalapeno Infused Blanco


Celebrity Tequila Casamigos, famous founded by George Cloony and Rande Gerber, is ready for a new expression that will see it go by the moniker Casamigas instead - the Jalapeno infused Casamigas Blanco.

The Casamigas Blanco is the 6th expression in the brand's lineup following the core Blanco, Reposado and Anejo, which were later added to with a Cristalino and Mezcal expression. This comes over a decade after the brand's founding and has apparently been six years in the making, and is inspired by none other than pop culture icon Cindy Crawford, who is also married to Rande.


“A few years ago, Rande and I were watching the sunset and we talked about how fun it would be for me to do a spicy tequila. Voila—Casamigas was born,... As much as I love Casamigos, my go-to drink for a fun night is a skinny, spicy Casamigos margarita. Casamigas Jalapeño makes it that much easier. It’s Casamigos with a kick!” says Crawford.



The new spicier expression is made with the same Casamigos Blanco that uses 100% Blue Weber agaves and is then naturally flavoured with green jalapenos to produce a clean tasting Tequila with notes of spicy green jalapenos and hints of citrus and sweet agave. 

The new Casamigas comes with a redesign helmed by Crawford and thus has a new label that incorporates a kiss mark as well as her signature and several faux hand drawn alterations to the current Casamigos Blanco label. It retails at US$49.99.



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