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Ballantine's Heads To Moxxi's Bar Borderlands

What you need to know:

  • Chivas-owned Blended Scotch Whisky Ballantine's is collaborating with hit videogame Borderlands to create a limited edition bottling of Ballantine's Finest (new clothes only!), which will center around the in-game character Moxxi, who operates a series of bars on the fictional planet of Pandora.
  • The limited edition bottling will see Ballantine's take its promotional efforts virtually as players of the game will be able to go on promotional adventures and unlock some exclusive in-game items, including some firsthand clips of Borderlands 3.
  • Back to the real life, this will promoted across selected bars with a live in-person Moxxi due to make an appearance. Purchase of the physical (and drinkable bottle) will come with credits that can be used in-game to redeem exclusive items.
  • It is pretty much priced similarly to the standard Ballantine's Finest (23 GBP or $30 USD) and is obviously part of a broader push by the spirits industry into some ~ blue ocean and hopefully target some completely new demographics. Ballantine's is set to unveil more collaborations with Borderlands throughout the year.
  • It looks like a pretty nifty bottle and these special limited editions are always a big hit, and since it's priced pretty much same as the standard stuff, if you're a fan of Ballantine's or Borderlands, I'd say why not!
  • Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Yeah Why Not? Look's Fun


(Image Source: Ballantine's, IGN)


Pernod Ricard's chief blend Ballantine's Blended Scotch Whisky is heading to Moxxi's Bar in the hit Gearbox Entertainment game Borderlands!

As we head deeper into the Metaverse, Ballantine's has appointed in-game character (specifically, a non-player character or NPC) Moxxi as the Blended Scotch's Chief Galactic Expansion Officer, responsible for plying her entrepreneurialism gained from being the operator of several bars on the in-game planet of Pandora, to helping raise awareness for Ballantine's.


“Our partnership with Borderlands is an exciting first step into the world of gaming and is part of our ambition to open up the Scotch whisky category to new fans and reach new audiences.

“Borderlands is one of the most loved gaming franchises of all time, and its opportunity for endless customisation epitomises Ballantine’s ethos of encouraging people to live life the way they want; because when they do, there’s no wrong way.

“We’re delighted to have Moxxi on board and I have no doubt she will help catapult Ballantine’s to galactic heights and encourage Vault Hunters to stay true to themselves.”

Mathieu Deslandes, Global Marketing Director of Ballantine's


 (Image Source: Ballantine's)


This collaboration between Ballantine's and the Borderlands franchise will see the launch of a limited edition bottling of Ballantine's Finest decked in Moxxi's brand colors, which will be first be made available in-game as the players will interact with Moxxi's Vault Hunters, who will help spread awareness of this exclusive in-game virtual item, and showcasing some exclusive content including new adventures, tossing out freebies and laying the groundwork for the new Borderlands 3 launch. The real-life launch of the limited edition bottling will come later, with those managing to get their hands on it receiving some firsthand access to exclusive Borderlands 3 content.



“A good partnership balances business and pleasure in equal measure, and ours got off to a sweet start. George Ballantine came over to my place with a blush-worthy proposition. He offered me my own special run of bottles. I call it, ‘Moxxi’s Bar Edition.’ Get your hands on one of them, sugar, they’ll treat you right. Like the best things in life, it goes down smooth.”

Moxxi, Operator of Moxxi's Bar across Pandora

“We’ve been following Moxxi’s adventures in Pandora for some time now and are delighted to have such an infamous entrepreneur on board,"

“Her handling of the Heist of the Handsome Jackpot was second to none and her impressive hostessing of the Underdome Riot is not easily forgotten. I have no doubt Moxxi will help catapult Ballantine’s to galactic heights and encourage Vault Hunters to stay true to themselves.”

Mathieu Deslandes, Ballantine's



(Image Source: Ballantine's)


Of course, this will also include the in-game character promoting responsible drinking in a personalised, cameo-filled message live from Pandora.

For updates on how to get your hands on a bottle, fans will have to follow Moxxi on Twitter and Linkedin and follow on her adventures.

Moxxi will also make some live in-person appearances at selected bars to promote the new limited edition bottling.

This collaboration marks a long-term partnership between the Blended Scotch Whisky brand and the Borderlands franchise, with more in store later this year.


(Image Source: Ballantine's)


Official Tasting Notes


Light Gold


Soft, Elegant, Heather Honey Aromas with A Hint of Spice


A Balance of Subtle, Sweet Flavors Like Milk Chocolate, Red Apple and Vanilla


Fresh and Floral After-Taste, Creates A Rounded Glow


All purchases of the limited edition bottle will come with a gift of 4 Unique & Redeemable Heads that can be used in unlocking new in-game exclusives in Borderlands 3.


(Image Source: Ballantine's)


Our Take

Before we go any further, we should state the obvious - Moxxi is a virtual character in the videogame Borderlands, and the rollout of the new limited edition bottling of Ballantine's will consist of two legs, first an in-game virtual promotion where players can purchase the item virtually and go on featured missions, and then followed by a live real-life promotion where purchase of the actual (tangible and drinkable) bottle will also give buyers in-game credits. So don't get too confused and show up in the wrong place!

Now that that's out of the way, this is ultimately a repackaging of the already widely available Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch Whisky so don't expect the fresh new clothes to come with a fresh new taste. These cross-promotions are getting increasingly popular with Glenfarclas already having made loads of in-roads with Japanese videogame franchises such as Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise and Capcom's Biohazard (or also known as Resident Evil). Last year, to commemorate the season finale of the hit drama series Money Heist (or Casa de Papal), Johnnie Walker Red also donned some pretty nifty secret UV-enabled designs on the bottle.



Ultimately, fun for fans of both the spirits and the pop-culture franchises. Most of them have been priced pretty reasonably as well, not too far off from their standard pricing (Moxxi's Finest looks to be priced at around 23 GBP or 30 USD, similar to the currently available standard Ballantine's Finest), so that's also nice to see. And it obviously is part of a broader push by the spirits industry into the demographics of a blue ocean category - real smart!

There's not much to speak of for the contents inside given that its something that's already commonly available but really this is for Ballantine's collectors and Borderlands fans.

Has always been incredibly difficult to get hands on no matter how many bottles are produced - these are some hardcore fans.


Cop the Drop or Not Verdict: Year Why Not? Looks Fun!