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YAMAZAKURA Single Malt Asaka 2022 EDITION

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Sasanogawa Brewery, with a history of over 250 years as a sake brewery, obtained a license to produce whisky in 1946 and established the Asaka Distillery in 2016 as a 250th anniversary project. 

The distillery has been gaining recognition both in Japan and abroad, with Yamazakura Blended Malt Japanese Whisky Asaka Sherry Wood Reserve winning the world’s highest award in the Blended Malt Whisky category at the World Whisky Awards (WWA) 2022 held this year.

The Bottle
This is a blend of carefully selected 1st fill bourbon barrel non-peated and 50ppm peated. It is gentle, mellow, and rich, with a light citrus acidity unique to Asaka and a refreshing lemongrass-like aroma with a hint of peat. Nuts, savory canele, and vanilla can be detected, and the barrel-derived sweetness and malt flavor are well balanced with a light body.



Plum, pineapple, and yogurt-like acidity stand out.


Light bodied, sweet and sour peach, plum, vanilla, tart crust


Slightly sweet oaky aroma that quickly fades after the moderate acidity is gone.



Alcohol content 50% alcohol by volume
Alcohol category Single malt Japanese whisky
Cask type Bourbon casks, etc.
Volume 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited quantity
Suggested retail price 11,000 yen (tax included)
Release date June 20, 2022



Our Take

Not too sweet, with almost no peat taste, and a refreshing taste that is perfect for this hot season.

The official product description says, “The subtle accentuated peated Asaka peat aroma is pleasant”, but I didn’t feel it, or rather, I didn’t feel the peat at all, to the point where I thought it was non-peated. I only drank it straight, so perhaps the peat would come out if I drank it on the rocks or with soda.

It has a taste that is not close to any of the recent Japanese whiskies, but there are no negative elements, and my impression is that this is a delicious whisky.

We are looking forward to the next release to see what kind of whisky the Sasanogawa Brewery, which is well versed in sake brewing, will be aiming for in the future.


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