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T&T TOYAMA’s first Japanese bottler, “THE LAST PIECE” has been released.

The “Japanese Edition” is a blend of original whisky from five distilleries in Japan, while the “World Edition” is a blend of five distilleries in Japan plus additionally aged Scotch malt in Japan.

The blue one is Japanese Edition and the red one is World Edition.


The Last Piece - Japanese Edition



The world’s first blended malt Japanese whisky made from original whisky aged for more than three years at five craft distilleries in Japan.

Fruity and smoky. The individuality of each distillery is combined like pieces of a puzzle, and while each asserts itself, they are united into one, allowing you to enjoy a complex and rich flavor.

Quote: Japanese Whisky| THE LAST PIECE Japanese Edition Batch No.1


The Last Piece - World Edition



More than half of the composition is made from sake from five Japanese craft distilleries, blended with carefully selected Scotch malts.

The rich individuality of the Japanese craft distilleries is connected by the gorgeous fruity flavor of the matured original distillate and the mellow sweetness and woodiness of the sherry cask original distillate. Thick and mellow flavor.

Reference: Japanese Whisky |THE LAST PIECE World Edition Batch No.1



Product name

THE LAST PIECE Japanese Edition Batch No.1 THE LAST PIECE World Edition Batch No.1
Fragrance Dry, alcoholic smell that gradually opens up. Citrus, herbal and honey-like aroma. Smoky.

Aromas of nuts, honey, and ripe fruit. Fresh accents of mint and a slight smokiness.


Malty. Pineapple and other sweetness. Woodiness with some bitterness. Citrus and smoky flavors show up later.

Nutty. Honey, syrup and other sweetness. Sense of maturity. Slight smoky flavor.
Aftertaste Smoky and bitter. Malt sweetness and bitterness linger for a long time. The sweetness gradually gives way to mint and other herbs. Peaty and malty.


Product name THE LAST PIECE Japanese Edition Batch No.1 THE LAST PIECE World Edition Batch No.1
Alcohol content 50% 50% 
By Sake Blended Malt Japanese Whisky Blended Malt Whisky
Content volume 700ml 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited edition of 300 bottles Limited edition of 800 bottles
Suggested retail price 22,000 yen (tax included) 12,100 yen (including tax)
Release date April 19, 2022 April 19, 2022


Our Take

The malty and rich Japanese Edition and the nutty and slightly sweet World Edition are probably two different bottles for different tastes.

The Japanese Edition had a strong impression with its strong alcohol smell, pineapple-like sour sweetness, and woodiness, while the World Edition left a lasting impression with its nutty, ripe fruit and honey-inspired sweetness, and a solid feeling of Scotch malt.

According to him, “The undisclosed distillery’s original spirit does a good job. Maybe it’s rather obvious?” The author of this article also has some expectations. The author of this article also has some predictions, but they are not actually revealed as of now. If you have been drinking a lot of whisky, you may be able to identify it.

Finally, a bottler using only Japanese whiskey has been released. One cannot help but notice the development of Japanese whisky. Expectations are high for the further development of Japanese whiskey in the future.


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