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Single Malt Yoichi SHERRY & SWEET

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This single malt whisky is only available at the Yoichi Distillery. It is a series that highlights the character of Yoichi’s official bottles by the barrels and malt strains used: “Petey & Salty” , “Woody & Vanilla” , and “Sherry & Sweet” . The 12 year old version of this series was previously released, but due to a shortage of raw alcohol from the recent Japanese whiskey boom, it was discontinued and is now being released again as a non-aged version.


The Bottle

Rich fruit sweetness and a bittersweetness and fullness from the oak.

This is a sweet sherry with a red label, which makes it sound sweet and winey. However, there is a noticeable amount of rubber and sulfur, as you would expect from a Nikka sherry. After that, a sweet brandy-like aroma. Sweetness of cooked apple and blueberry jam. Slightly salty flavors as well. In the middle, an astringent woodiness appears.



Nose Sherry-derived dried raisins, cocoa and spicy aromas.
Taste Not as astringent as the aroma, with a youthful spiciness straight away, but becomes firm and sweet with additional water.
Aftertaste A rubbery sweetness and spiciness lingers on the palate.



Alcohol content 55%
alcohol category Single malt whisky
Cask Type Sherry casks
Contents 500ml
Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 6,800 yen (tax included)
Release date



Our Take

The strength of this single malt makes it highly satisfying. Of course, straight or on the rocks is recommended. This is the perfect whiskey for people who can’t get enough of Yoichi and want to feel the breadth of Yoichi. It is also recommended for Macallan lovers.

It’s a great whiskey for those who can’t get enough of Yoichi and want to experience its breadth.


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