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The Yamazaki Distillery produces an unparalleled variety of undiluted spiritsin the fermentation, distillation, and aging processes. Particularly in the maturing process, barrels of various types, materials and sizes play an important role in the characterization of the original sake.

In order to fully enjoy the characteristics of these different types of raw materials, we use the following methods The five types of single malt whiskey “Yamazaki” 2020 EDITION. The climate and craftsmanship of Yamazaki have nurtured We hope you will enjoy the unique flavors of each. (From the manufacturer’s website)


The Bottle

Woody and soft taste unique to pancheon barrel aging

Suntory selects American oak and makes its own puncheon barrels, which are stocky barrels with a capacity of about 480 liters. The contact area between the whiskey and the barrel material (per volume) is small, and the maturation process proceeds slowly, allowing the original flavor of the spirit to be enjoyed. These barrels are indispensable for the well-balanced, pleasant sweetness and deep maturing aroma of the world-renowned single malt whiskey Yamazaki. 




Aroma Green apple, vanilla, acacia honey
Taste Soft, mild, butterscotch.
Aftertaste Bitterness and a hint of sweetness from the oak



Alcohol content 48% alcohol by volume
alcohol category Single malt whisky
Cask Type

North American white oak puncheon casks

Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold

Limited quantity (quantity not disclosed)
This product is sold in limited quantities, mainly to restaurants.

Suggested retail price 12,100 yen (tax included)
Release date November 4, 2020



Our Take

This whiskey, aged in American oak puncheon barrels, directly conveys the backbone of Yamazaki to the customer. Please enjoy the pleasant sweetness of the malt and the woodiness of the American oak slowly.
Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo (from the manufacturer’s website )

When I drank it, I felt a gentle and pleasant woody aroma.
The aftertaste is refreshing and fruity like a green apple.

We also have Bordeaux wine cask, Spanish oak, and peated malt available at our store, so we encourage you to compare them.
How about relaxing and relieving your stress while feeling the difference of each personality and the depth of whisky?

We hope you will enjoy it at BAR SHINKAI.


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