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Single Malt Whisky Shizuoka Contact S

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On November 27, 2021, the third Single Malt Whisky Shizuoka Contact S was released.

The number of bottles to be sold is 5,000 and the suggested retail price is 8,943 yen (including tax), the same as Prologue K and Prologue W. The price is relatively affordable compared to other Japanese whiskeys released by craft distilleries these days, but the popularity of this whiskey makes it difficult to obtain.


The Bottle

The first blend of two different types of sake, K and W.

The Shizuoka distillery uses two first distillation units, K (moved from the Karuizawa distillery) and W (wood-fired direct distillation), to produce two different types of raw spirits with different characteristics. Contact S is the first single malt to blend both of these types of raw materials.

The steam-heated K has a fruity aroma and light flavor, while the wood-fired W gives a heavier flavor and a longer finish.

The ingredients are mainly barley malt from Japan, peated malt from Scotland, non-peated malt and beer malt. The barrels are mainly first-fill bourbon barrels, with some quarter casks used as well. It is a Japanese whisky made mainly from Japanese ingredients.

This single malt is the fruit of the combined efforts of the wooden fermenters and distillers at the Shizuoka Distillery.




Nose Floral, sweet, vanilla, malty.
Taste Malt flavor, grain sweetness, sweetness and fullness from the bourbon barrels.
Aftertaste Woody, with a slight peat aftertaste.



Product name Single Malt Whisky Shizuoka Contact S
Sake category Single Malt Japanese Whisky
Ingredients Japanese barley malt, Scottish peated malt, Scottish のnon-peated malt, German beer malt
Barrel type First Fill Bourbon Barrel, First Fill Bourbon Quarter Cask
Number of bottles sold Limited to 5,000 bottles
Number of bottles 55.5 percent
Volume 700ml
Price 8,943 yen (tax included)
Manufacturer Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery



Our Take

As it is a blend of K and W sake, it has a medium body that is neither too light nor too heavy, with a very elegant aroma and taste. It has a medium body, not too light and not too heavy, with a very elegant aroma and taste. It is a bit like Prologue K.

It’s not too light and not too heavy. In the aftertaste, you can feel a slight peatiness, and it is interesting to see how it changes from just being elegant. The attack is not overpowering, so it is suitable for people who don’t usually drink whisky and women.


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