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Single Malt Whisky Okayama Triple Cask

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Since 1915, when Kame-zo Miyashita, the first generation of the company, started the brewing business in Tamano City, it has been a brewer with a history of more than 100 years, producing a number of famous sake.

The company’s philosophy is to handle all kinds of alcoholic beverages, and it is constantly taking on new challenges.

The first local beer in the Chugoku region, “Doppo” was a hit, and in 2011, the company obtained a license to produce whiskey in order to spread Japanese craft whiskey overseas at a time when whiskey was considered to be in a slump.

It has been three years since Miyashita Brewery, with its outstanding foresight, launched the single malt whiskey Okayama.

It has been three years since Miyashita Shuzo launched the Okayama single malt whiskey, and this time it is the triple cask version that was so popular last time.


The Bottle

Gold medal winner at Meiningers International Spirits Award ISW 2019

This is a limited-edition triple cask single malt whiskey made by malt barley from two-row barley grown in Okayama Prefecture, matured for more than three years in brandy, sherry, and Quercus casks, and then bathed in these three casks.

It was awarded Category Winner at the World Whiskies Awards 2020, the highest award in the Single Malt No Age category.




Nose Moist vanilla aroma. The chocolate-like sweet aroma increases with water.
Taste On the palate, you can taste almonds and brandy with a hint of peat.
Aftertaste A lingering nutty aftertaste is followed by a hint of sherry.



Alcohol content 43%
alcohol category Single malt whisky
Barrel type
Aged for at least 3 years in brandy, sherry and Quercus barrels.
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 16,500 yen (tax included)
Release date July, 2019



Our Take

Miyashita Brewery has won numerous awards at the National New Breweries Competition, including “Doppo” the first local beer in the Chugoku region, and “Kiwamihiziri” a Japanese sake that now represents Okayama.

The name “Ginjo Whiskey” gives it a complex and deep flavor, and the skills of sake brewing cultivated over the past 100 years shine through.

I recommend drinking it straight, preferably in a straight glass or a wine glass with a wide mouth to feel the aroma.


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