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Single Malt Shizuoka 4 Years for CLAUDE WHISKY

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The Gaiaflow Shizuoka Distillery began producing whisky in October 2016. Applications for the 2017 private casks began in December, shortly after operations began.

The first private cask as Shizuoka Distillery, distilled – aged in 2017, is now available for sale as private bottles from various liquor stores from spring 2021 onward.

In March 2022, a Gaia Flow x CLAUDE WHISKY private bottles of the new product were released.

Distilled from non-peat malt in pot stills K and W, aged in EX bourbon barrels for at least 4 years, and bottled at cask strength. The number of bottles sold is 219 bottles.

The Bottle

Shizuoka Distillery uses two first distillation stills, K (a distillation still transferred from Karuizawa Distillery) and W (a wood-fired distillation still), to produce two types of sake with different characteristics.

Each pot still is characterized by its own unique characteristics: the steam-heated K has a fruity aroma and light flavor, while the wood-fired W has a heavier flavor and a longer finish. It is bottled at cask strength.

62.It has a powerful, punchy mouthfeel and a fruity, floral character that opens up in line with its 8° alcohol content.



Aroma Strong cemedine. Green apple and other fruits open up.
Taste Slightly oily mouthfeel. Strong alcohol. Green apple sweetness and acidity. Spicy, white pepper-like taste.
Aftertaste Tingling on the tongue. Malty and cool lingering finish is rather short.



Product name Single Malt Shizuoka 4 Years for CLAUDE WHISKY
Sake category Single malt Japanese whisky
Ingredients Non-peated malt
Cask Type Bourbon
Distillation Date November 27, 2017
Bottling Date March 16, 2022
Number of bottlings 219 bottles
Number of degrees 62.8% 
Content Volume 700ml
Price 16,500 yen (tax included)
Producer Gaiaflow Shizuoka Distillery
Our Take

Our first impression was that the high alcohol content was consistent with the enjoyable, robust alcohol taste. It is characterized by a fruity and spicy taste with a sourness that gradually opens up.

It can be enjoyed with soda or on the rocks, but straight or twice up is recommended. Especially when twisting it up, we hope you will find the sweet spot and enjoy it slowly.

Gaia flow Shizuoka Distillery is now accepting applications for cask owners by lottery. Why don’t you dream up your own special bottle and apply for it?


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