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Single Malt Akashi 3 years old Japanese Sake Cask

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Akashi is a brand of whiskey produced by the Eigashima Sake Brewery, which produces a variety of alcoholic beverages including sake, wine, and brandy.

The name “Akashi” is derived from the city of Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, where the brand was born.

The company is also known as the brewer of “Kamitaka” sake, and also produces Western-style liquors such as “White Oak Whisky” blended whisky, “Charman Brandy” and “Charman Wine” .

Since around 2011, the company has also been focusing on overseas exports, and is particularly popular in France, with 90,000 bottles exported.

This cask series is a great value lineup that is cosmetically pleasing, accessible yet special.


The Bottle

A single malt whiskey made at a small distillery in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture, overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.

It is stored for three years in oak barrels used for storing sake.

Bottled in non-chill-filtered and non-colored bottles in order to enjoy the original malt flavor.

This sake cask is made by filling a sake cask with whiskey and maturing it.
During the sake making process, lactic acid is added to protect the yeast and encourage its activity.

The lactic acid flavor is transferred to the whiskey in the aroma as the most important element of sake cask, making it an unusual flavor.



Aroma Peaty, lactic acidic
Taste Bittersweet, smooth and wild.
Aftertaste Sweet aftertaste




Alcohol Content 50% 
alcohol category Single malt
Barrel type Japanese sake barrels
Contents 500ml
Number of bottles sold Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 6,380 yen (tax included)
Release date 2018 




Our Take

This sake cask has a unique flavor that cannot be brewed in wine or bourbon barrels.

The lactic acid aroma tickles the nostrils, and then there is the aroma of rice malt and the unique aroma of the brewery.

The taste is not as strong as the aroma, with vanilla and sweet sake, mild, smooth, and elegantly sweet, giving us a new possibility for whiskey.



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