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Single cask TSUNUKI 2021 Sherry Hogshead & Bourbon barrel

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It was released as a “Tsunuki Distillery 2021 Limited Edition Bottle”. Originally, this bottle was to be unveiled at the “Tsunuki Distillery Festival 2021” scheduled to be held in November 2021. This is the fifth limited edition bottle. This is the first single cask bottle that uses raw material distilled in the second season of the Tsunuki distillery’s operation (distilled in 2018).


The Bottle



  Single Cask Tsunuki 2021 Sherry Hogshead Single Cask Tsunuki 2021 Bourbon Barrel
Nose Chocolate, cookies, berries Vanilla, cream, melon
Taste Spicy, Raisin, Smoked Butter, nuts, dried fruits
Aftertaste Herbal, herbaceous, smoky aftertaste Oily with a good woody finish.




  Single Cask Tsunuki 2021 Sherry Hogshead Single Cask Tsunuki 2021 Bourbon Barrel
Alcohol content 60% 61% 
by alcohol Single malt whisky Single malt whisky
Barrel type Sherry casks Bourbon barrel
Contents 500ml 500ml
Number of bottles sold Limited to 438 bottles Limited to 305 bottles
Suggested retail price 7,700 yen (tax included) 7,700 yen (tax included)
Release date November 15, 2021 November 15, 2021



Our Take

I have the impression that many people will be stung by the medium peat (20ppm) in the sherry barrel aging. The sweetness of chocolate, butter, raisins, etc. from the sherry cask, and the spicy and herbaceous astringency, followed by a good smokiness, make it addictive. It can be enjoyed with a little water or with soda.

It is aged in bourbon barrels and has a complex flavor. It has a slight sweetness of vanilla and cream with a hint of fruity melon. The bourbon barrel scent is also straightforward, giving the impression of a lingering finish.


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