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Saburoumaru Distillery of Wakatsuru Shuzo is known as the only distillery in Hokuriku. In winter, sake is brewed and Distilling whiskey only during the summer In winter, sake is brewed and distilled.

The distillery is dedicated to producing smoky whiskey and uses only peated malt, which is rare in Japan. The distillery uses only peated malt, a rarity in Japan, to produce its smoky whiskey. To preserve the natural flavors of the whiskey, it uses no chill-filtering or coloring.


The Bottle

The key malt is Saburoumaru distillery malt.
The average age of the blend is over 10 years.

The Scotch grain aged in roasting barrels manufactured in the woodworking town of Inami and the sherry malt are interwoven to create a unique whisky.
It is characterized by the multi-layered aroma of Scotch grain and sherry malt that is woven together.

*In order to preserve the natural flavors, we do not use any cooling filtration or coloring.
*Limited to 9,000 bottles sold.



Aroma Complex aromas of peaty, malty, and vanilla.
Taste Sherry, soft sweetness of grain.
Aftertaste Long aftertaste.



Alcohol content 46% alcohol by volume
alcohol category Blended Whisky
Barrel type
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited edition of 9,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 5,830 yen (tax included)
Release date May 27, 2021



Our Take

Like Moonglow Limited, GYOKUTO is blended so that the average age of the sake is more than 10 years, so it is mellow and has a complex taste.

The sweetness of the sherry malt and grain and the softness of the blend make it a good choice for whisky beginners.


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