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[Review] Single Malt Miyagikyo Peated

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The two new products, Single Malt Yoichi Non-peated and Single Malt Miyagikyo Peated, will be released in 2024.90th anniversary The two products, “Single Malt Yoichi Non-peated” and “Single Malt Miyagikyo Peated,” will be released in 2024 and will focus on the depth of Nikka Whisky’s diverse range of raw materials and the history of whisky production by raw materials, fermentation and other production processes. “The first product in the “NIKKA DISCOVERY Series The exhibition focuses on the diversity and depth of whisky. The series was developed as a way to “discover” the diversity, depth, and unexpectedness of whisky. It will be marketed mainly for commercial use.

Overseas sales are planned to be centered on Europe. Unlike the smoked bottles used in the year-round products, the transparent bottles will be used in this series, and the bottle design will express the “individuality of whisky” that is hidden in the year-round products.

It will go on sale on September 28, 2021, in a limited edition of 10,000 bottles for 22,000 yen including tax.


The Bottle

A fusion of the flamboyance and peat of the Miyagikyo malt.

This single malt Miyagikyo is originally a gorgeous and fruity Miyagikyo, but we dared to use only peated malt. This is a well-balanced whisky that makes the most of the character of Miyagikyo, but by adding peat, you can taste the peat in the mellow and light sweetness of the Miyagikyo malt.

When just poured, the peat is a little hidden and you can easily feel the sweetness of the oak and vanilla, but as time goes by, the pleasant peat comes to the fore. On the palate, with the peat at the core, the dark sweetness and sourness of the berries, the sweetness of the vanilla, and the rich sweetness of the cocoa chocolate are interwoven, but at the end, the peat comes to the fore again. It is a whiskey that tastes as if the Miyagikyo malt is wrapped tightly around the pillar of peat.

Previous limited edition products have changed their character by “different barrel types used in the wood finish” such as 2017 Moscar Wood Finish, 2018 Manzanilla Wood Finish, and 2020 Apple Brandy Wood Finish.

This time, no finishing was done, and the whisky was made with “different raw materials” to bring out the unexpected personality that was hidden while utilizing the charm of single malt Miyagikyo.

The label uses earthy colors and high quality white, reminiscent of peat. The use of a transparent bottle expresses a hidden and unexpected aspect of the whisky.



Aroma A rich sweetness reminiscent of honey and ripe fruit, with woody notes from the barrel, vanilla and cinnamon in harmony with the peaty aroma.
Taste Sweetness of raisins and dried cherries, with a light but firm peatiness.
Aftertaste A rich aftertaste like bitter chocolate and a crisp peaty aftertaste that lasts for a long time.



Alcohol content 48% alcohol by volume
Alcohol category Single malt whisky
Barrel type
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited to 10,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 22,000 yen (tax included)
Release date September 28, 2021



Our Take

The first thing you notice in the aroma is a fruity scent, which gradually changes to a mild peat. On the palate, the peat comes to the forefront, but it is gradually outweighed by the flavors of Miyagikyo. It has a complex flavor with woody oak and vanilla notes. It is a whiskey that has been well integrated by changing the raw material to peated malt, which has a peaty flavor that matches the mellowness of the Miyagikyo.

Please try to compare it with Miyagikyo NV to taste the difference.

The second batch is scheduled to be released in 2022 and the third in 2023. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of DISCOVERY they will show us next time.


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