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Nikka Single Coffey Grain Woody & Mellow

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This single-caffeinated grain whiskey is available only at the Miyagi Gorge Distillery. This is a grain whiskey distilled in an old-style café still, one of the synonyms of Nikka Whisky.

The 12 year old version of this series was previously released, but due to a shortage of raw alcohol from the recent Japanese whiskey boom, it was discontinued and released again as a non-aged version.

Compared to typical grain whiskeys from Suntory, Kirin, and Scotland, Nikka’s Cafe Grain is a heavier type of grain whiskey with a strong sweetness and grain-derived flavor.


The Bottle

Strong, sweet aroma with a grainy feel characteristic of cafe grains

It is characterized by the woody aroma of oak mixed with a slightly sweet vanilla aroma. The mouthfeel is smooth and irresistible, with a rich honey-like sweetness and bitter oakiness, like vanilla wafers. Later, the oakiness gradually increases and tingles along with the sweetness.



Aroma Mainly maple aroma. Malt can be detected later.
Taste The sweetness is best enjoyed straight. The sweetness is more pronounced with water.
Aftertaste Mellow and spicy.



Alcohol content 55%
By liquor Single grain whisky
Barrel type
Contents 500ml
Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 6,800 yen (tax included)
Release date



Our Take

Although the sweetness reminiscent of vanilla and grains is lighter than the previous 12 years or the regular Cafe Grain 45%, the balance seems to have improved. From the light sweetness to the middle and beyond, there is a woodiness derived from the barrel, which gives width and tightness to the somewhat monotonous grain flavor. The price of the Nikka Distillery Limited Series has been rising due to the difficulty of obtaining them.


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