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INAZUMA World Blended Malt Whisky Extra Selected

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“This is the first whiskey collaboration in Japan between Nagahama Distillery and Saburomaru Distillery (Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture), which is run by Wakatsuru Shuzo. Realized through the exchange of malt liquor This is the first collaboration whisky in Japan.

This is the first collaboration of its kind in Japan.

“INAZUMA” has a deep connection with agriculture since ancient times and is said to bring good harvest.

This is a limited edition bottle that utilizes the blending technology developed for the AMAHAGAN series.

The name of the product is derived from the appearance of the Chinese character for “Shigeru” in the name of the prefecture, and the label depicts the nature of Lake Biwa and the “hiyodori”, the symbol of Tonami City, flying there. Also, if you look into Lake Biwa, which is depicted in the center of the label, you can see a large torii gate on the lake behind it.


The Bottle

A blend of unpeated malt from the Nagahama Distillery, peated malt from the Saburoumaru Distillery, and malt from overseas.

The blend recipe is composed of unpeated malt from the Nagahama Distillery, peated malt from the Saburoumaru Distillery, and carefully selected malt from overseas, with the aim of creating an “extra” flavor that complements and enhances each other. We hope that you will enjoy it to your heart’s content.




Aroma Sweet and fruity aroma of honey, vanilla, and green apple with a soft smoky aftertaste.
Taste Mild sweetness comes to the fore, but gradually changes to malt-derived flavor and bitterness.
Aftertaste Bitter and complex aftertaste continues.



Alcohol content 47% alcohol by volume
Sake category Peated malt from Saburoumaru Distillery
Non-peated malt from Nagahama Distillery
Malt from overseas
Barrel type Bourbon barrels, etc.
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited to 6,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 7,590 yen (6,900 yen without tax)
Release date March 30, 2021



Our Take

The peatiness is weaker than I expected. It is a whiskey with a fruity sweetness that is more easily felt in the soft, non-peated malt original of the Nagahama Distillery than in the peated malt of the Sanromaru Distillery. There is a hint of peat, but the peat aroma is so weak and pleasant that even those who don’t like peat can drink it.

Nagahama Distillery will be awarded the 2020 WWA (World Whisky Awards) ” Amahgan World Malt Edition No.3 Mizunara Wood Finish The Nagahama Distillery is one of the distilleries that are gaining recognition worldwide, with the Nagahama Distillery winning the highest award (Category Winner) in the Japanese Blended Malt Non-Age category at the 2020 WWA (World Whisky Awards).

In June of this year, the Nagahama Distillery will be releasing its first three-year-old Nagahama Singul Malt Single Cask, which is very exciting.


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