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Ichiro’s Malt & Grain Blended Japanese Whisky Limited Edition 2022

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The Ichiro’s Malt “Blended Japanese Whisky Limited Edition” series uses Chichibu distillery’s long-matured original sake and the ultra-rare Hanyu and Kawasaki distilleries’ original sake. World Whisky Awards It is a gem that has won the world’s highest award several times in the past at the

The “Limited Edition 2022” is the same as the “Limited Edition 2021”. Limited edition of 500 bottles The product is available at A well-balanced blend of malt from the long-aged Chichibu distillery, malt base sake from the Hanyu distillery, and grain base sake from the Kawasaki distillery. The gift box is also a special feature of 2022. Made of Quercus crispula.


The Bottle

It is a blend of only the malt base alcohol from the Chichibu and Hanyu distilleries and the grain base alcohol from the Kawasaki distillery that once existed.

The Chichibu distillery, established in 2008, malt whiskey from the former Hanyu distillery, and grain whiskey from the distillery in Kawasaki, which was made from corn about 40 years ago, are used, each with their own unique characteristics. The distillery also uses bourbon and sherry casks for maturation.

Chichibu Distillery, which began production in 2008, matures its whisky in traditional dunnage-style cellars. From among them, the original whisky that shows its strength in blending is used as the key malt, and only the unique domestic whiskey matured in Chichibu is blended in a well-balanced manner and bottled in a non-chill filtered, natural color.



Aroma Complex aroma with multiple base liquors. Oaky, peaty, dried fruit, and honeyed sweet aromas rush together.

Woody but smooth drinking. Spicy, herbal and spicy. Oak flavor with a sense of maturity. Sweetness like molasses and vanilla. Sourness and bittersweetness come through later.


Mild ripeness and oaky aroma lingers for a long time. Woodiness and sweetness with a hint of oak. The spiciness gives way to a coolness reminiscent of herbs and young leaves.



Alcohol content 48%
By Liquor Blended Japanese Whisky
Cask type Bourbon casks, sherry casks, etc.
Content volume 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited to 500 bottles
Suggested Retail Price 198,000 yen (tax included)
Release Date April 2022





Our Take

This is a bottle with a solid sense of maturity. It can be enjoyed straight, twisted up, on the rocks, or with soda…however you like to drink it.

We hear that there are not many bottles left from the Hanyu and Kawasaki distilleries, so we are happy that this limited edition will be available again in 2022, but we are not sure if it will be available next year or the year after that.

Although the bottle is extremely rare and limited to 500 bottles, it is available at all BAR Shinkai locations. We hope you will try the blend of Chichibu, Hanyu, and Kawasaki sake, which have crossed the boundaries of time and met in the modern age.


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