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Gaia Flow Whiskey Blended M

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In February 2022, the Shizuoka Distillery’s first blended whiskey, Gaia Flow Whiskey Blended M, was released.

The number of units sold The first shipment was 5,555 bottles. Of which 100 bottles were sold by lottery for the first time. but they will be sold regularly throughout the year as a standard item.


The Bottle

Shizuoka malt aged for more than three years is blended with English malt and grain to create an elaborate blend. The result is a unique Gaia Flow blend that balances the delicate and smooth taste of Shizuoka malt with the powerful English malt and mellow grain.

The alcohol content is adjusted to 48% using natural Shizuoka water, which is suitable for a variety of drinking styles, and the bottling is done at the Shizuoka distillery.

Quote: Gaia Flow Blog|Gaia Flow Whiskey Blended M



Aroma Citrus, honey, banana.
Taste Strong maltiness, banana, citrus, spicy, soft and sweet.
Aftertaste Malt flavor, creamy sweetness followed by spiciness.



Product name Gaia Flow Whiskey Blended M
Classification Blended whiskey
Ingredients Non-peated malt from Japan Malt from England Grain from England
Number of bottles sold Initial sales: 5,555 bottles
Number of bottles 48 percent
Volume 700ml
Price 3,600 yen (tax included: 3,960 yen)



Our Take

As mentioned earlier, “Blended M” will be sold regularly throughout the year as a standard item.

It is very reasonably priced and the number of units sold is expected to increase in the future. The malt flavor is stronger than I expected, and it is a bottle with a high degree of perfection. As the demand for home drinking increases due to the Corona disaster, I think this bottle will become a very must-have item.

It can be drunk straight, on the rocks, iced up, with water, or with soda. This is a whiskey that you should always have a bottle of at home.


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