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Essence of Suntory Whiskey (Rich Type)

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THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY WHISKY is a series of whiskies created from Suntory’s desire to pursue “Essence” in whisky making. 2019.This is the third release in the series.


Tasting Notes

The aroma of cedar is added to the malt and grain raw materials that have been aged for more than 18 years. 

Blended Japanese Whiskey is Suntory’s new blended whiskey challenge, where the strong character of Japan’s unique “cedar malt barrels” shines through in a delicate and graceful harmony.



For the Rich Type, the blender carefully selects and blends malt from the Yamazaki Distillery, which is matured in white oak barrels for more than 12 years and then refilled into cedar barrels for another 6 years, malt from the Yamazaki Distillery, which is matured in sherry and quercus barrels for more than 18 years, and grain from the Chita Distillery, which is also matured for more than 18 years.

The blender carefully selects and blends them. You can enjoy the sweet and rich taste with a sense of maturity, followed by a lingering aroma of cedar.


Aroma A heavy, rich blend. A glimpse of cedar at the edge of the aroma.
Taste A sweet and smooth mouthfeel, with the cedar flavor lingering and the taste of well-ripened fruit.
Aftertaste The sweet and sour aftertaste is intertwined with the crispness of cedar.




Alcohol content 48% alcohol by volume
by alcohol Blended Whisky
Barrel type White oak barrels, cedar barrels, sherry barrels, quercus barrels
Contents 500ml
Number of bottles sold Limited quantity
Suggested retail price 11,000 yen (tax included)
Release date October 29, 2019




Our Take

The “Rich Type” is based on the single malt Yamazaki, and the flavors of the sherry and Quercus barrels can be felt clearly. It has a strong sense of maturity and woodiness, and the character of the cedar wood is well harmonized.
It is a blend of Yamazaki Distillery malt, which was aged for 12 years in white oak barrels and then transferred to cedar barrels and aged for over 6 years, and Chita Distillery grain, which was aged for over 18 years. It is a luxurious blended whisky with all the raw materials aged for more than 18 years.

The best way to drink it is straight or on the rocks. This whisky is sold in limited quantities and is highly sought after.


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