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BLACK Nikka Comfort Aroma

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The “Black Nikka” brand consists mainly of three items,  characterized by a “refreshing and mellow taste”[Clear] , “gorgeous aroma and mellow  richness”[Rich Blend] , and “rich and firm drinking” [Deep Blend].

With the launch of Black Nikka Deep Blend Night Cruise, we will further strengthen our proposal for a drinking scene where whisky is enjoyed at rock during your relaxing time at home, further revitalizing the expanding domestic whisky market.

Also, We propose to our customers a living culture that they enjoy with whisky by appealing to them how to enjoy a variety of whiskeys on the theme that whisky is fun. The package design drew an illustration of a blue moon and ship shadow in the center of the black label.

In addition, the name “Night Cruise” emotionally expresses the brand concept of “Black Nikka Deep Blend” such as “enjoying an adult night” and “going on a journey to the depths of the night”, and the taste features of this product called “long-lasting aftertaste”.




The Bottle

“Rich beyond rich” Blended with sherry barrel malt original liquor aged for more than 10 years

Based on the rich blend taste characterized by “fruity and gorgeous aroma”, “smooth taste” and “mellow richness”, it is a whisky that highlights the sweet aroma of “sherry barrel malt original liquor aged for more than 10 years”, which is a feature of Black Nikka rich blend, and the richness of the malt from the Re-made barrels. This whisky has a sweet and floral aroma like ripe fruit, with a soft oaky scent, and when you drink it, you can feel the fullness of the plump malt, the smooth and extended taste, and the pleasantly fragrant and slightly bitter aftertaste.

The Re-made barrel is characterized by the fact that the mirror plate of the barrel is aged in a barrel replaced with a new barrel (oak), and the original liquor that stands out the complex taste of the new barrel (sweetness of the oak) and the old barrel (mellowness) is made respectively.



Scent Fruity and flamboyant like ripe fruit. Sweet aromas like caramel and vanilla and soft barrel incense
Taste The sweet, mellow, firm malt richness and smoothness. Café Grain’s growing taste
Lingering Sweet aromas like cookies and pancakes, with a subtle bitter aftertaste




Alcohol level 43%
By Liquor Blended
Barrel type Wow
Contents 700ml
Number of sales Limited to 10,000 cases (120,000 bottles)
Suggested retail price 2,200 yen (2,000 yen excluding tax)
Release date October 16 at 12:30 AM




Our Take

The recommended way to drink is highball. The elegant aroma of sherry barrels blended into carbonic acid comes after bitter sweetness. The manufacturer is also pushing for highball (whiskey 1: water 3) is a convincing taste. Also, drinking on the rocks is also recommended. Even if the ice melts, the aroma and taste are kept without losing the taste and you can enjoy it for a long time. Anyway, it is gorgeous. Because it is a limited whisky, it is a pity that it is difficult to get it at a list price now.

The Black Nikka series is a good whisky with good cost performance, and “Clear”, “Rich Blend” and “Deep Blend” are each based on the concept, and they are sold for 180 ml each, so you can easily compare them. Even if you look at other manufacturers, there is no whisky that has a product lineup based on the concept of “relaxation time at home” so far.



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