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Asaka 2017 5 Year Old Double Barrel Chichibu Whisky Festival Bottling 2022

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Two types of Azumi Distillery’s bourbon-barrel originals aged for five years, the so-called Double cask. bottled at cask strength. 2017’s original bottle is from the Azumi Distillery’s First year of business The original sake was brewed in the
This bottle allows you to fully enjoy the strengths of both the double cask and the 5-year aging process.

This whiskey was bottled and sold by lottery for the Chichibu Whiskey Festival 2022.


The Bottle

Single malt Japanese whiskey made from two first-fill bourbon barrels from Asaka Distillery, aged for five years. It is bottled as-is to preserve the original aroma and flavor of the barrels, so-called “original cask strength. It is non-chill filtered (non-cooled filtered) and naturally colored (no coloring), so in rare cases sediment or turbidity may appear due to changes in storage temperature, but this is of product origin and does not affect the quality or other aspects of the product.




Pungent odor of alcohol, rich sweet aroma derived from oak, pepper and other spicy notes.


Creamy, rich sweetness like vanilla and honey, then fruitiness. Then spiciness becomes noticeable, with a bitter note reminiscent of bitter chocolate at the end.


Oak-derived sweetness and spiciness continue pleasantly, leaving a bitterness at the end.




Alcohol content 62%
By Liquor Single Malt Japanese Whiskey
Cask type Bourbon cask
Content volume 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited to 475 bottles
Suggested Retail Price 14,850 yen (tax included)
Release Date March 18, 2022 Lottery starts




Our Take

The stinging aroma of alcohol derived from cask strength is the first impression, but the swirling process gradually opens up the sweet aroma. The aroma is slightly spicy and sweet with a hint of spicy aroma and the pungent odor of alcohol. As soon as you take a sip, the mouth is immediately filled with an intense sweetness that reminds you of bourbon barrels. Although the sweetness tends to overpower the spicy flavor, you can also taste the spicy flavor and creamy body. The strong sweetness is followed by a bitter taste reminiscent of bitter chocolate. When water is added, the alcohol angle fades away and a strong sweetness reminiscent of bourbon barrels emerges.

Enjoy it straight when you want to feel the stimulation of alcohol and the dry bitter change from sweetness, or twist it up when you want to enjoy the sweetness to the fullest.

Limited to 475 bottles, this is a very rare bottle with limited availability, but it is available at BAR Shinkai. We hope you will enjoy the taste.

It is a bottle that makes us think that we cannot take our eyes off the ever-evolving whisky of Azumi Distillery in the future.


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