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Akashi Double Blenders Malt Harmony

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The raw malt distilled at the Nagahama Distillery and the raw malt distilled at the Eigashima Distillery are exchanged with each other. Both blenders met at the Eigashima distillery and completed the blend recipe after tasting multiple samples of the raw malt, including malt from overseas. This whiskey is the counterpart to INAZUMA Extra Selected Edition No.2 released from Nagahama Distillery.


The Bottle

Aged for 4 years in bourbon barrels and Pedro Ximenez barrels respectively.

Non-peated malt raw material distilled at the Nagahama distillery and light peated malt raw material distilled at the Eigashima distillery, stored for 4 years in bourbon barrels and 4 years in Pedro Ximenez barrels, plus a blend of 4-year and 5-year stored malt raw materials from overseas.
The label features the world’s longest suspension bridge (Akashi Kaikyo Bridge), which symbolizes Akashi.



Aroma Sourness like yogurt and gentle sweetness like milk
Taste Sweetness of melon, honey plum, sweetness, soft sourness and richness are well balanced.
Aftertaste Changes from sweetness and sourness to woody barrel aroma.



Alcohol content 47% 
alcohol category World blended malt
Barrel type Bourbon barrels, sherry barrels (Pedro Ximenez), etc.
Contents 500ml
Number of bottles sold 3,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 4,950 yen (tax included)
Release date November, 2021



Our Take

In Scotland, the exchange of undiluted sake has been a common practice for a long time. The number of distilleries in Japan is gradually increasing as well. The purpose of this exchange is to maintain the unique flavors of each distillery and to improve the skills of the distillers, which will lead to improvements in quality and technology, the creation of a wide variety of whiskies, and the further evolution of Japanese whisky.

In April 2021, the Chichibu Distillery and the Mars Shinshu Distillery will be exchanging barrels of whiskey, which has been in the news for six years.

I believe that drinking whisky while thinking about the thoughts and stories of its creators will make it even more delicious.


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