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富士山麓 (Fuji-Sanroku) Signature Blend

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Fuji Sanroku Signature Blend” is a blended whisky created by the world’s best blending technology by carefully selecting raw spirits that have reached their peak of maturity. It is a blend of the world-renowned grain whiskies from Gotemba Distillery and the blending techniques of Master Blender Jota Tanaka, who won the World’s Best Blending Award at IOW2017*1. To begin with, the Fuji Sanroku Signature Blend was a product sold exclusively at the Fuji Gotemba Distillery’s factory store and the Kirin online store DRINX (Drinks) since April 2017. It went on sale nationwide on August 21, 2018.

*1 IOW・・・The IOW is a competition established to recognize manufacturers, distilleries, people, and retailers who have made significant contributions to the global whiskey industry.



Tasting Notes

This “Fuji Sanroku” is a blend of carefully selected raw spirits that have reached the peak of their maturity.

One of the characteristics of this whisky is that it does not focus on the age of the whisky, but rather focuses on the different stages of maturation of the raw spirits (malt, barrel material, etc.) used, and blends the raw spirits that are at their highest level of maturity (*maturation peak).
It is a whisky that symbolizes Fuji Gotemba Distillery, created by the skilled blending techniques of master blender Jota Tanaka, using mainly the raw spirits that have reached the peak of maturity. The whisky is characterized by its multi-layered and mature flavor, with a fruity and gorgeous aroma reminiscent of pears, pineapples, and orange peel, and sweet and aromatic flavors like brown sugar and baked goods.

Maturation Peak
Maturation Peak refers to the state (maturity period) in which the original flavor characteristics and personality of each whisky are best expressed. Depending on the nature of the distillate prior to barrel maturation, the type of barrel in which the whisky is matured, and the temperature and humidity environment, the timing at which the whisky reaches its maturation peak varies, and the maturation trajectory followed by the whisky differs.



Scent     Melon, lemon, lime, persimmon, nuts, and green apple lead the way, followed by vanilla and wafers.                                                              
Taste Pungent when straight, but with added water, bitter, sourness prevails and the aftertaste is sweet.

The wine has a noble aroma of aging and a complex, deep finish that lingers comfortably.





Alcohol level 50%
By Liquor Blended Whisky
Barrel type
Contents 700ml
Number of sales
Suggested retail price 5,500yen (including tax)
Release date 21th August 2018




Our Take

When you pour a glass of Fuji Sanroku Signature Blend, it has a darker color than Fuji Sanroku Barrel Aged Original 50°, and after the fruity aroma, it leaves a sweet and mellow aroma like vanilla and caramel. The lingering aroma alone will keep you enjoying your glass for an hour. The taste is mellow and you can feel the sweet and mellow aging in the barrel. The alcohol content of this whisky is 50 degrees, the same as that of the Fuji Sanroku Barrel-Ripened Original 50°, but it has a mellow, mature, and deep flavor without the high alcohol content. The Signature Blend has a mellow, mature, and deep flavor without the high alcohol content. This is the perfect time to drink it, and I highly recommend it to those who prefer single malt.

This deep and mellow flavor can be fully enjoyed with a highball or with water, but if you just chill it, the good aroma will be weakened, so I recommend drinking it twisted up. Please try it at Bar Shinkai.



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