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Clover Gin


I must admit that I have been feeling somewhat awkward about posting on the gram recently given what’s been happening on the other side of the world. But I was also torn.. it’s my birthday month and just felt some things can still be shared and should be celebrated!

So I decided to share this one- a different one today. This is certainly not my typical gin!

Presented in a Belgian themed bottle, this was a release in conjunction with Euro 2020 (2021) and the recent Olympics. Clover, symbolic to good luck, reflects the three sister behind the brand and how it’s attuned with nature. Apart of the base botanicals that go into a gin, this one has clover leaves, lavender, black pepper and the innovative inclusion of pear.

With the addition of pear, there is a distinct fruity edge to this balanced with some sweetness and spice from the black pepper.

A very contemporary addition to my collection. Loved it and this bottle emptied too quickly!


Image courtesy of @Ginthanni.



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