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No need to stay up all night to Get Some

A towering Scandinavian from my local gym turns to me and asks, through a deep, throaty voice, whether I'd like to go "get some" afterwards. My momentary confusion turned into pride and then to fear. 

Is she trying to fight me or bed me?

Pretty sure I would disappoint in either situation. 



"Get Some", as it turned out, referred to a playfully-named craft beer bar that was recently opened in a quiet residential neighbourhood in the West of Singapore.


(Image Source: Aaron Ng)


Now, the vibe of this place resembles a cafe more than it does a typical bar. The owners, Hendrik and Jack, are warm, personable and good-humoured. Apparently, someone who initially saw the assortment of primary colours took away the impression Get Some was a new preschool for the neighbourhood.

Misdirection aside, the proof can be found in the pudding. If you know your craft beers, you would appreciate the large and well-curated range of beers here – right from the tap – from some of Singapore's best beer breweries (in our opinion, I should say), the likes of Alive Brewing Co, Sunbird and Brewlander. The available beers are on rotation basis and the latest offerings from the breweries can be found at the bar while stocks last.



Other featured breweries include local and international names: 1925 (Singapore), Crust (Singapore), Amber Nectar (Singapore), Boneface (New Zealand), Deep Creek (New Zealand), Northcoast (California) and Blue Moon (Colorado). Get Some focuses on supporting local Singaporean breweries. On the whole, about 80% of the available beers are locally brewed while the remaining 20% are imported beers. View their full menu here.

There's no need for unnecessarily garish or elaborate set ups. Just pour us some undeniably good booze at an affordable price.

For those itching for a snack, a range of bar grubs are available too, including breaded shrimp, fried popcorn chicken and a rosti hash.   



My expectations were subverted once again when Hendrik poured me a G&T made with Tënu Gin. This almost-mythical spirit consists of botanicals taken from the depths of Finnish pine forests, then distilled by actual monks in Valamo Monastery Distillery in Heinävesi, Finland. Certainly not something you'd hear about everyday!



The gin is oily and juniper-forward with some complexity and notes that remind me of the smell of pine trees and wet moss of summertime woodlands. 

Knowing I am a malt maniac – the owners also poured me an enjoyable dram of Bimber Apogee XII. This one's a blended malt bottled by the Bimber brand using malt sourced from Highlands and Speyside, then matured for over 12 years in ex-Bimber whisky casks in London.


The bar owners are also the importers of whisky and gin from Bimber, Lord of Barbès and Tenu Gin. For someone who would prefer a gin & tonic, or a Scotch whisky highball, there's something here for you too.

Given Get Some's decent spirit selection, we have made a range of their bottles available on our Bottle Shop.


Get Some

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Our Take

A cosy, quiet enclave with a generous and well-curated selection of craft beers from respected breweries, local and abroad.

It might not be long before every Sue, Jill and Mary in the vicinity finds out about this place and it gets packed to the brim. Be sure to check this venue out before that happens. 





Get Some

727 Clementi West Street 2, #01-282

Singapore 120727

IG: @getsome.sg | Website: www.getsome.sg

Get Some brings you the best of Singapore's locally-brewed beers and a unique range of liquor and spirits.