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8 Bars in Singapore named in World's 50 Best Bars' Extended List!


Since 2009, The World’s 50 Best Bars has chronicled authoritative rankings of the world's best drinking spots. For 2022, the 14th edition of The World’s 50 Best Bars sponsored by Perrier will soon be announced on Tuesday 4th October Barcelona time. 

To kick off the celebrations, 50 Best unveils some of the world’s best drinking destinations, voted between 51st and 100th in the extended ranking. The 51-100 list journeys around 32 cities and features 15 new entries.

This year's extended list sees 14 Asian bars – with 1 in Hong Kong, 1 in Tokyo, 2 in Bangkok, 1 in Taipei and 1 in Goa, India; Singapore yet again topping the list with 8 celebrated bars this year.


Sago House, Singapore - Top 51 (Image Source: Sago House)


Topping this list is none other than Sago House, well-known for reinventing its menu every week with fresh new cocktails, and the passionate personality behind the bar that is Jay Gray who has much to share with us in the way of passion and poetry.

Read our compelling interview with Jay Gray here.


Notable are also 2 Singaporean bars that made their breakthrough into the list this year: plant-based watering hole Analogue makes it to Top 65, while the stately Republic makes it to Top 90.


Analogue, Singapore - Top 65 (Image Source: Analogue)


Analogue is the brainchild of Vijay Mudaliar - the eco-conscious founder of the award-winning Native bar.


(Image Source: Native bar)


Read our bar writer's fancy forages at Native bar!


A first of its kind in Singapore, Vijay's new Analogue takes sustainability goals up a notch by covering issues of food sustainability through an entirely plant-based bar menu. The interior features an undulating cerulean 3D-printed countertop that was made with over a tonne of ocean-recycled plastic. During her last visit, our bar writer happily noshed on their guilt-free nuggets since the menu is entirely plant-based - even the "honey" used did not involve bees (read more here). 


Republic, Singapore - Top 90 (Image Source: Timeout)


Republic occupies the East Wing of the stately Ritz-Carton, Millenia Singapore, with a past-era charm, a lived-in atmosphere and a cocktail menu that reimagines major cultural events in Singapore, the Americas and Europe.

Other Singaporean bars making the list are 28 Hong Kong Street (Top 55), MO Bar (Top 57), Atlas (Top 67), No Sleep Club (Top 69) and Nutmeg & Clove (Top 74). 


Our favourite at Nutmeg & Clove was Pepper Meets Ramos, a whisky-based cocktail inspired by memories of bak kut teh suppers in Chinatown that turned out surprisingly fruity and floral.


Check out the cocktails we tried at Nutmeg & Clove!


Outside of Singapore, Other great bars from Asia making it to the list include Quinary in Hong Kong (Top 56), The SG Club in Tokyo (Top 63), Vesper (Top 79) and The Bamboo Bar (Top 95) in Bangkok, Indulge Experimental Bistro in Taipei (Top 82), and Tesouro in Goa, India (Top 99).

Here's the full Top 51-100 list below:

51. Sago House (Singapore)

52. Barro Negro (Athens)

53. Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen (Cape Town)

54. La Factoría (Old San Juan)

55. 28 HongKong Street (Singapore)

56. Quinary (Hong Kong)

57. MO Bar (Singapore)

58. Mimi Kakushi (Dubai)

59. Schofield's (Manchester)

60. Caretaker's Cottage (Melbourne)

61. Presidente (Buenos Aires)

62. Tan Tan (São Paulo)

63. The SG Club (Tokyo)

64. Brujas (Mexico City)

65. Analogue (Singapore)

66. El Barón (Cartagena)

67. Atlas (Singapore)

68. Hero Bar (Nairobi)

69. No Sleep Club (Singapore)

70. La Sala de Laura (Bogotá)

71. Tjoget (Stockholm)

72. Three Sheets (London)

73. Camparino in Galleria (Milan)

74. Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore)

75. Side Hustle (London)

76. Candelaria (Paris)

77. The Court (Rome)

78. Röda Huset (Stockholm)

79. Vesper (Bangkok)

80. Dead End Paradise (Beirut)

81. Lost & Found (Nicosia)

82. Indulge Experimental Bistro (Taipei)

83. Bar Goto (New York)

84. Le Syndicat (Paris)

85. Danico (Paris)

86. Freni e Frizioni (Rome)

87. Re (Sydney)

88. Art of Duplicity (Cape Town)

89. Donovan Bar (London)

90. Republic (Singapore)

91. Antique American Bar (Bratislava)

92. The House of Machines (Cape Town)

93. Mace (New York)

94. Sweet Liberty (Miami)

95. The Bamboo Bar (Bangkok)

96. The Dead Rabbit (New York)

97. Tag (Kraków)

98. Zapote Bar (Playa del Carmen)

99. Tesouro (Goa)

100. Sin + Tax (Johannesburg)

A big congratulations to all these winners. And with such an impressive showing in this extended list, we shall be waiting with bated breath for the the main list in October! Which bars do you think would make it?