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Spinifex Brewing Myrtle Summer Ale x Dan Sultan - Kimberley Calling

The next pick in National Reconciliation Week and Indigenous Artist special is one of the best indigenous artists, the very talented Dan Sultan. The album is his third studio release, the excellent “Blackbird”.
Before writing the album, Sultan said that there wasn’t much inspiration to write. He told the ABC "I had to make a few changes and change a few things up to get motivated and get inspired again, and I was in a bit of a rut for a while, so once I did that I found that everything flowed on from there”.
What flowed from those changes was a brilliant array of rock tunes and heartfelt ballads; with all of the tunes showing Sultan’s soulful vocals. After the success of his second album “Get Out While You Can”, expectations for this album were and the album really delivered. The album that was delivered is really strong and is one that doesn’t really have a bad song on it.
The album had fuller sound than previous releases, particularly brass and Hammond organ tones; which weren’t really used a lot before. There were a combination that Sultan really admired. The album was brilliantly produced by Jacquire King, who has worked with artists such as Kings of Leon, Melissa Etheridge, Modest Mouse and Switchfoot.
Now for the beer, and this smooth, soulful rock album really goes perfectly with the Myrtle Summer Ale from Spinifex Brewing. This light-coloured summer Ale has been infused with Myrtle leaves from the Albany region making for a unique flavoured beer with a light yet enthralling flavours of citrus, nectar and is very aromatic. A nice warm day with the BBQ pumping and this album playing along sounds pretty good to us.
Album: Dan Sultan – Blackbird
Highlight: The Same Man
Gem: Kimberly Calling
Beer Pairing: Spinifex Brewing – Myrtle Summer Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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