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Kaiju Krush x The Butterfly Effect - Imago

The next pick is the album that has been referred to as their best release, and is matched with a brew that of as their best release. The band is the Butterfly Effect, and the album is magnificent “Imago”.
The album is much more progressive than their previous releases, where their earlier nu-metal influences made way for a refined musical sound and refined vocals from @clintboge. The album was a huge success, debuting at #2 on the @aria_official charts. The album also made the #hottest100 Australian Albums of all time and the tracks “Gone” and “A Slow Descent” featuring in the @triple_j #hottest100 of 2006.
The album was produced by Joe Barresi, who has produced albums for bands such as Pennywise, Queens Of The Stone Age, Parkway Drive, Coheed and Cambria. Barresi also worked as an engineer and mixer for @toolmusic on their albums “10,000 Days” and “Fear Inoculum”
Now for the beer, and the brew is the amazing brew “Kaiju Krush”. We are in absolute love with the way that the  Mosaic, Cascade, Simcoe, Motueka, Citra and Pale, Carahell, Light Crystal malts are used. The combination of everything is this brew gives a Tropical, Hoppy, Clean, Sweet brew that absolutely stands out as a one of the best Pale Ale’s out there.
Album: The Butterfly Effect – Imago
Highlight: Reach
Gem: Everybody Runs
Brew:  Kaiju Krush


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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