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Hope Estate F/A-18% RHINO stout x Metalocalypse: Dethklok - Go Into the Water

Yes, that Mighty metal sound is one guy. How do we drop this album without first mentioning, Brendon Small. All vocals, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and drums.

The Dethalbum is the debut album by Dethklok, from the television show Metalocalypse.
"Hatredcopter" was released prior to the album's release on the European edition of the Saw III Soundtrack.
The album has sold over 172,428 copies making it the highest charting death metal album ever.
And "Thunderhorse" even featured on Guitar Hero II.
We should introduce the band! Stop copies me!
Nathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, Pickles & William Murderface.
Now, time to head to the food librarys..

Beer talk.
Rare, wild and dangerous, they have called it Rhino, the nickname for the F/A - 18 jets that dominate the Hunter’s skyline on very special occasions. It’s a massive 18% Russian Stout at the extreme end of brewing with the intensity, flavour and resin to navigate its high altitude ABV, it requires 100+ IBUs to pop rivet it together. Brutal.

Album: The Dethalbum - By Dethklok @brendonsmall
Highlight: Go into the water
Gem: The lost Vikings
Beer Me: @hopeestate F/A-18% RHINO stout

Recorded miles below the earth's surface in the Dethsub studio deep within the Mariana Trench.

Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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