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Hop Nation Beer Melbourne Fog Hazy Pale x Pearl Jam


The next choice is a great reimaging of classic tracks. Back in the day when @mtv actually played music (before they became Kardashian nation), @pearljam rolled in and absolutely nailed their MTV Unplugged set.

The unplugged really gives a completely different take on these brilliant tracks, and is an album that has been on high rotation since it was released on @spotify

The vocals of @eddievedder are powerful at times and beautifully delicate in others.

Recorded on March 16th 1992, the album was given a limited release in November 2019 for @recordstoredayus, with the release to the public occuring on October 23rd 2020.

The recording and release of the show however wasn't the show we all know.

It turns out that Pearl Jam opened their March 16 performance with the low-key Oceans, edited out of the original MTV broadcast on March 13th, and closed with a cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World, also deleted from the subsequent TV show.

The six songs left are absolute gold and removing the amplification enhances the lyrics and the story of each track. The story of "Jeremy" really hits home in acoustic form.

The album reached #20 in Australia, #4 in Portugal and much to our surprise, only peaked at #47 in the U.S.

Now for the beer, and the beer match is perfect as it matches the stripped back nature of the album, and this beer is Melbourne Fog from @hopnationbeer. This beer was originally brewed as a collaboration with @whitehart bar in Melbourne's CBD, Sam and Dunc decided they loved it so much they'd release it to the world. Any we are very happy that they did.

We love the use of the Nelson Sauvin, Loral and Mosaic hops in this beer, but even better is the full haze thanks to the 50% oat malt. It's a full flavoured NEIPA, easy drinking and a bit more delicate than a normal pale. The beer description could easily be the album description, because we get the same feel for both.

Album - @pearljam - MTV Unplugged
Standout Track - Black
Hidden Gem - Oceans
Beer Pairing - @hopnationbeer
Melbourne Fog


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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