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Holgate Brewing Love All Pale Ale x Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section


The next pick, part of our Aussie Hip Hop special is the Hilltop Hoods third studio album “The Calling”. This was the album that launched the band, and was significant for Aussie Hip Hop because it took the genre to a more mainstream audience, which to the point before the album was released had a fairly small “underground” fan base.
The album was recorded using computer of the mother of MC Suffa (AKA Matthew Lambert), and their breakthrough came when @triple_j picked up the tracks “The Nosebleed Section” and “Dumb Enough” and gave them heavy rotation. “The Nosebleed Section” became a huge success and includes liberal sampling of Melanie Safka's ‘The People In The Front Row.' “The Nosebleed Section” might not have been the huge hit it became, as it was only added to the album at the last minute, and it took some convincing of MC Suffa to add it to the album, who didn’t want it on the album.
The album was the first Australian Hip Hop Release to achieve platinum status, was voted the 23rd best Australian album by @triple_j listeners in 2011, with “The Nosebleed Section” being voted the 9th most popular song in the #hottest100 of 2003.
Now for the beer, and Holgate Brewing have dropped the alcohol; but this one still has the beats to go with this Aussie Hip Hop Classic. Their “Love All” Pale Ale has all the flavours we love, with a biscuity malt and fresh hop bouquet. The beer does resemble a Pale Ale really nicely and is still really tasty, and a hangover friendly 0.5% ABV.
We’ll grab this beer, rip off our shirts and jump around in the front row.
Album: Hilltop Hoods – The Calling
Highlight: The Nosebleed Section
Gem: Simmy and the Gravyspitter
Beer Pairing: Holgate Brewing Love All Pale Ale


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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